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Finally, a guide to canning for the modern cook! Learn new techniques and try over 100 recipes from classic jams and compotes to unique sauces and pates. 


Canning isn’t just about putting food in jars and letting it sit and sit―it’s about sealing in the taste of each season and making food from scratch with more interesting and unique flavors. Farmer, restaurateur, and local food advocate Jamie DeMent offers her recipes and tricks for preserving fresh ingredients and interesting creations. Canning in the Modern Kitchen is ideal whether you’re a novice canner or an experienced cook on the hunt for new recipes and novel techniques.


Her delicious recipes go beyond the obvious jams, marmalades, and jellies―the book includes ideas for sauces and unexpected ways to preserve produce and meat. She covers a variety of techniques including basic water bath canning and oven canning, and lays out the equipment needed for successful canning. And, most importantly, she’ll include detailed safety information to make your canning journey as smooth as possible.


Buy a SIGNED copy of Jamie DeMent's cookbook, Canning in the Modern Kitchen.


Each book will cost an additional $5 to ship USPS Media Mail or $15 to ship via USPS Priority Mail. 

Canning in the Modern Kitchen

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