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A Whirlwind Recap!

It has been an couple of weeks!  My newest book, Canning in the Modern Kitchen, is out and I have been thrilled with reviews and responses so far!  You can buy the book through my site and where ever books are sold.  If you buy one from me, I’m happy to sign it with a personalized message! I was so excited and humbled by the review from the esteemed food writer for the Atlanta Journal Constitution, Wendell David Brock.

He writes, "I’m a fairly dedicated canner, and I own a lot of books on preserving food. Many of them are cluttered and repetitive; few of them really teach me anything new (aside from flavor profiles and pectin workarounds). “Canning In the Modern Kitchen” is different. It demystifies an art that is foreboding and precious to many. 

Once again, when I least expected it, Jamie DeMent, sly as fox and smart as a whip, has hooked me."

The book was also featured in Chalkboard Mag . They shared my recipe for zucchini pickles.

The MOST fun I've had this week is welcoming a new puppy into my life! But more about that later. A definite highlight was being asked to write a guest article for Signature Reads about why Canning is so important and how it contributes to a sustainable lifestyle.  Canning and preserving are such major components of our lives at Coon Rock Farm that the article almost wrote itself!  I love being able to share a peek into how and why we do what we do!  

I have lots of fun events coming up!  Be sure to follow me on Facebook and Instagram and check out the event page here!

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